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Shijo Kawaramachi,
the best location in Kyoto!

Kyoto Central Inn 


Located at "Shijo Kawaramachi",
the best location in Kyoto

◆ Hankyu Kyoto Main Line [Kyoto Kawaramachi] Exit 6

◆ City Bus [Shijo Kawaramachi] 1 minute walk from the bus stop

◆ Keihan Main Line [Gion Shijo] Exit 4 5 minutes on foot

If you want to visit tourist attractions in Kyoto

Very convenient access from Shijo Kawaramachi

◇ Opposite Shijo-dori [Kyoto Takashimaya] is directly connected to the underground passage

◇ Approximately 7 minutes on foot to [Minamiza], which is famous for Kabuki

◇ About 10 minutes on foot from downtown Kyoto [Pontocho] and [Gion]

◇ Cafe, convenience store and drug store are on the 1st floor of the hotel


Convenience store ... LOWASON

Drugstore ... Cocokara Fine


On the left side of the image is the "elevator" and "stairs" next to the Starbucks entrance at Exit 6 of the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line [Hankyu Kawaramachi].
​ Please go up to the front desk on the 2nd floor.


Member Benefits


When you become a KCI member member, the plan on sale
You can make a reservation at a 5% discount price .
You can register as a member from the reservation screen.
​ * Some plans are not applicable



​ Notice

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to the new coronavirus


○ Measures to prevent droplet infection

A clear board is installed on the front desk to prevent splashes.

○ Employee masks are always worn

We thoroughly wear it while working.

○ Installation of alcohol disinfectant

Alcohol disinfectants are installed in various places such as the front counter and elevator platform.

Disinfection and cleaning of guest rooms

We disinfect equipment and doorknobs in the guest rooms.

○ Disinfection and cleaning of public areas

We regularly disinfect the front counter, lobby, toilet and elevator.


Guest room


◆ ​ Single room ◆

​ (No smoking / smoking) ​

東館ダブル .jpg

◆ ​Double room ◆

​ (No smoking / smoking) ​


◆ ​ Twin room ◆

​ (No smoking / smoking) ​


◆ ​ Japanese and Western room suite A ◆

​ (No smoking) ​

​ A warm room with a warm bedboard.

​ Group trips, girls-only gatherings, anniversaries ♪


◆ Japanese and Western room suite B ◆

​ (No smoking) ​

A calm room with a cool bedboard ​

​ For families with children and elderly people ♪

​ Facility

▼ Amenity corner In front of the front desk on the 2nd floor of the main building
▼ Laundry corner In front of the front desk on the 2nd floor of the main building
▼ Coin locker Main building 2nd floor lobby window side
▼ Ice machine Main building 2nd floor corridor
▼ Microwave oven Main building 3rd floor, East building 4th floor
▼ Valuables storage We accept at the front desk

▼ Vending machine Main building 2nd floor lobby, East building 2nd floor passage, East building 4th floor
There are also cup noodles in the passage on the 2nd floor of the East Building.
▼ Rental meeting room (2nd floor of the main building)
2000 yen per hour * Advance reservation required
Can accommodate up to 8 people

​ Service

​ ◎ Free amenities ◎

Located in front of the front desk on the 2nd floor of the main building

​ Please feel free to take it.

◎ ​ Free rental item ◎

Lending at the front desk (limited quantity)

Please feel free to talk to the staff

​ Room type Number of rooms Smoking room

​ Single 27 rooms      

Double 21 rooms   Yes

Twin 88 rooms   Yes

Japanese and Western room    2 room   None

​ Check-in 15: 00 ~

Check out 11:00



● Hankyu Kyoto Main Line [Kyoto Kawaramachi] Right above Exit 6
● City Bus [Shijo Kawaramachi] Directly opposite the bus stop
● About a 3-minute walk from Exit 4 of the Keihan Main Line [Gion Shijo]


30 Otabicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

Phone 075 257 2611

FAX 075 257 2612

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​ Contact us

​ Operating company Oneness Kyoto Co., Ltd.

@ 2020 Kyoto Central Inn

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